A weekend away in a luxury villa in Florida. With bowling alley.

An amazing friend of mine organised a long weekend away in an awesome property that she booked on Airbnb.  It came complete with a pool, jacuzzi, arcade room, home theatre, bowling alley, spa, gym, and squash court.


The only agenda was that there was no agenda.  A large group of us (around 15) would just be chilling out there and spending time at the villa as we pleased.  I arrived at Orlando MCO airport on a Friday and met up with a friend who arrived around the same time.  We hopped in an Uber that took about 40 minutes to get to the property in Four Corners and cost about $50.

The house was absolutely stunning.  It was in immaculate condition and just so luxurious…



So basically, we just ate well, drank lots, and had a great time together.  We spent a lot of time at the pool, lovely evenings in the hot tub, fun nights bowling together and we all managed to watch a movie in the theatre.  The house was big enough for it to never feel cramped, and there were enough things to do for all of us to be entertained.

There was something really wonderful about being able to relax and recharge somewhere beautiful with amazing people.  It was really good for the soul.  I loved the jacuzzi in my bathroom and pretty much made use of every amenity at some point.  Very grateful for the opportunity to share such a great experience with my friends.


If you want to check out the Airbnb listing itself, you can find it here:





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Dallas Museum of Art

Free art museum in Dallas Texas

While perusing my Texas guide book, I came across the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s located close to St Paul station on the DART train and the added bonus is it’s free to enter.


I didn’t really know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. There are quite a lot of rooms, some are very small exhibitions and others are significantly larger. I was impressed by the array of art – from paintings to jewellery and bowls to books. I was also impressed by how global the art was. I saw the works of some very well known artists including Monet, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo.

Dallas-Museum-of-Art-Monet Dallas-Museum-of-Art-frida-kahlo

This was a really nice couple of hours of looking around at various and eclectic art. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something chilled out to do in Dallas centre.


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Six Flags adventure park, Texas

I love rollercoasters so I was completely up for visiting Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. We bought tickets online on the same day to avoid queuing up. The car park seemed pretty full when we were trying to find a spot, but luckily there were hardly any lines for the rides when we got in.

The rides were pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the Batman ride, Cat woman whip and the Superman ride. Even the ‘kiddy’ rides were pretty cool! Spinsanity was also great – except we got stuck for 10 minutes on the way down. Luckily we weren’t upside down so it wasn’t too bad!

It was a hot day, but there is plenty of shade and water fountains around. We bought a refillable drink which was handy to stay hydrated throughout the day. And the Aqua man water ride helped to keep us cool!

We were surprised when all the rides seem to stop at around 6pm… turned out there was a thunder storm looming and I guess lightning and high metal rides are not a good combination. It did start raining and there was plenty of lightning and thunder, at which point nearly everyone started to make their way towards the exits. I’m glad we managed to fit in loads of good rides before nature forced us to leave. I’d go back 🙂

You can check out Six Flags over Texas by clicking here.

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Central London Megabus Tour

Megabus tour in London

Even having lived in London for over ten years, I know there’s always more to see and learn.  I’m already a big fan of the Sandeman free walking tours so I decided to try a London bus tour for a change.


I found that Megabus has started doing bus tours!  They are already great for cheap coach travel across the UK and US, so I was happy to check out their 2-hour London bus tour with a friend.  Tickets start as low as £1, and you can easily find tickets for £5 per person.


Here is the info from the website:

See London for less when you experience our non-stop bus tour, which will take you to up to 50 of the capital’s most famous sights in the space of just 2 hours. Prices start from just £1 plus a booking fee.

You’ll be able to get onboard one of our open top double-decker buses in central London every day of the week, every hour between 10:00 and 17:00. And you can start and end your tour from three locations:

  • The London Eye
  • Tower of London
  • Park Lane

Why choose megasightseeing.com for your open top London bus tour?

  • 2-hour tour – you’ll see all of London’s best bits in two hours
  • Non-stop – we’ll take you through the city, minus the pit-stops
  • Mega Value – prices start from £1 plus a booking fee, subject to availability
  • Seat available upstairs – so you get a great view of all of London’s best bits
  • Easy to use – just get on at your choice of three locations
  • Book online – you can book online right up to time of departure
  • Departures every hour – find the time that suits you best
  • English Commentary – we’ll give you all the fascinating facts about London with a special appearance from Sid.

I booked the tickets online.  I foolishly made some booking errors and was able to correct them easily online for a fee of £2.50.  Our pick up point was at Hyde Park Corner, a couple of minutes from the underground station.  Our bus was late by 15 minutes because of traffic, luckily it was a beautiful sunny day so we waited in Hyde Park.

We sat at the top of the bus and there was a clear recorded commentary throughout the tour.  It was really awesome!  We had great views and went past loads of things like Trafalgar Square, the new Bloomberg building, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye.




Overall, this Megabus tour was definitely a big HIT.  It was cheap, simple to book, easy to find, then you can just sit back and enjoy!  I did learn lots of new interesting info, like the spike monument at London Bridge station (pictured below with the Shard in the background) is to remember all the beheadings that used to take place there… before the heads were placed on spikes along the bridge!  How times have changed!!


Bear in mind when booking that there are various pick up points.  Make sure you pick the right one!  And take a brolly.  We did get a few minutes of rain, but what’s a summer day in London without a sprinkling of rain??

Click here to book the Megabus London Tour.

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Be flexible with your travel plans (and life)

I called a friend this morning to give him some life advice: It’s ok to change your plans.  He suggested I write a blog about it… so here we are!

I explained that I used to be someone who made plans, committed to them, and had to complete that plan no matter what.  Whether it was committing to a relationship or booking a holiday, I always wanted to see that plan through to the end.  There was no alternative.  And if I couldn’t make that plan happen, it led to a lot of heartache, pain and internal conflict.  Because for me, the plan I’d committed to was the only way.

There were a couple of big things I’d committed to that I really struggled with.  One was a relationship where I found out he cheated but I felt I couldn’t leave.  The other was a job that didn’t play out as I had intended.  When I did eventually leave both of these things, I felt like I had failed because, despite my effort, I did not complete what I had committed to.

What I learned (the hard way) is that sometimes you can’t control everything.  Sometimes circumstances change or you discover new information and that it is, in fact, OK to change your plan to something different.  That’s not failure, that’s being flexible.  You don’t have to stick to your original plan.

Before I went to Costa Rica, I spoke to a friend who’d lived in Colombia for some months. She shared some of her experiences with me, including how she pre-paid to live in a shared house for two months.  When she got there, she absolutely hated it.  She hated the house and the people in it, but didn’t want to leave and lose her money.  She begrudgingly stuck it out. She said she realised now that she should have just accepted the loss of money so she could find somewhere else to stay where she would have been happier.  Staying in a situation she’d committed to but wasn’t happy in wasn’t worth it.  Her advice to me before I moved to Costa Rica?  If you don’t like it, change it.

I did remember her advice in Costa Rica.  I had originally planned to stay for a year or more, but I just didn’t like it (San Jose) as much as I thought I would.  I do remember reviewing my options after six months and realising that I could stick it out for a year or move on.  I thought about my friend’s advice and decided I would be happier if I left.  So I did.

How I wish I could have thought about life in such simple terms when I was stuck in my relationship or that job.  I didn’t have to stay.  I could have just changed my plan.  And not beaten myself up about it.  We always have a choice in life, and staying in a situation that you’re not happy with is also a choice you have made.

Nowadays, I still make plans and commitments, but I know in my heart that it may or may not work out as I planned and I am open to changing my plans if I need to.  Knowing this from the outset makes it so much easier to handle unexpected obstacles and circumstances as they come up.

A book that I found useful and relevant to this topic is the Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  A great read that I recommend for everyone:

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Heart of Hollywood tour – London O2


A friend took me to see the Heart of Hollywood that is currently on tour in London until 17th July.  It’s part of a world tour that will cover 60 cities.  I didn’t know what to expect, but it was pretty awesome!  It is a collection of memorabilia from Hollywood, including the original letter ‘H’ from the Hollywood sign, iconic art and some original costumes from movies including Superman.


The highlight was definitely the one-hour dancing and singing outdoor performance at dusk as the sun set over London.  The performers were really amazing and it was such a lively and eclectic selection of songs.

This was a really awesome and ‘different’ thing to do in London.  It’s located in North Greenwich by the O2 arena so there is easy access and plenty of restaurants nearby.  You can find out more and buy tickets here:



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Hawaii inspirational speech

For me, travel makes me feel alive. There’s so much to see and do, and it’s important to enjoy the beauty around you.

I came across a motivational video with scenes of Hawaii. I loved the combination of travel and a reminder to enjoy life.

Here is the video:

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