Leong’s Legend & The Savoy

My brother recommended a Taiwanese restaurant to me in China town. I didn’t recognise the name, but I did recognise the location and had vague recollections of going in one night – then walking out because it was too busy and I couldn’t be bothered to wait.

I also mentioned it to a work friend of mine (originally from Hong Kong) who confirmed it was a really good restaurant – so it was promptly moved up on my priority list!

I did have an evening of dinner and drinks planned with two friends. Dinner location was undecided so I suggested Leong’s Legends and off we went!


We had to wait five minutes for a table – it was a Thursday night. I really liked the busy atmosphere, the staff was friendly and prompt. I was really impressed with my spicy beef noodle soup. It actually had tasty hunks of meat with texture, as opposed to the usual slices of non-description meat I always get in other restaurants. Every aspect of the noodles was tasty – the noodles, broth, meat and veggie goodies. And I like my noodles enough to know a good bowl of noodle soup!

My friends seemed equally happy with their choices. I also enjoyed a glass of plum wine with my dish.

Thumbs up to this place from me, I’d happily go again.

After dinner we took a cab to the Savoy hotel on the Strand for cocktails. It was cool to arrive by cab, my friend explained something about how cabs pull up so the door is opened on the right (or something like that).


The American bar was fab, I loved my grasshopper cocktail (favourite cocktail) accompanied by live pianist and good company of my friends.

A lovely evening 🙂



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