Graveney & Meadow – Tooting

Tooting is my closest local ‘cool’ hang out area, but for some reason, I end up going out more in central London than locally.

However, every time I go out in Tooting I end up having a great time!

Last night I made plans to catch up with a friend. Original plan was Clapham, for various reasons we changed to Tooting. We met at Tooting Broadway station at 8.30 – she had already eaten but I hadn’t. I had a vague idea of a place that meant she could start drinking instead of just watching me eat – Graveney & Meadow. By day it is a bakery/cafe but I’d noticed the bar suggesting it was more.

We popped in, there was a good buzzy atmosphere and a dinner menu. A pretty awesome dinner menu in fact! The chickpea stew caught my eye. I ordered, got our drinks and sat down to embark on catching up. My stew was so tasty, surprisingly flavourful and very spicy. It also came with an egg on top.

We ended up staying until it closed at 2am. There wasn’t really a dance floor, but we were perfectly happy at our table listening to music and watching the cool and trendy crowd. It had a really nice atmosphere and got busier throughout the night.

This is definitely a cool place to hang out and I hope to be back soon!


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