The Bar with no name – Angel

For a friend’s birthday, I went to the bar with no name, maybe ten minutes walk from Angel station. From what she’d said, it was supposed to be amazing!

It’s a nice little bar, and when I say little, I do mean little. Nice ambience, dimly lit and professional staff. Admittedly the limited list of cocktails were actually very good and well-made (I think £8.50 each).

However, I wouldn’t say this place is amazing. Perhaps it is ‘exclusive’ because it is so small, but for me it was uncomfortably small. The tables were too low, you have to squeeze into the chairs and are being jostled the whole time. And just as I’d said to my friend ‘this is not the kind of bar to get drunk in because you’d easily knock the glasses off the low tables’, one of our group did stand up and knock a glass off the table.


Happy to have tried this place, it is nice but I won’t be back in a hurry.


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