An update on life in San Jose, Costa Rica

So far, so good!  I feel pretty settled in and comfortable here.  Costa Rica is not very cheap, so I’ve come to terms with living on a reasonable budget!  I do miss my frivolous ways back in London, but I also feel I have learned some valuable and important life skills again!

It’s a beautiful sunny day as I write, looking out on the mountain view from my bedroom window – the mountains that are beyond the busy main road view 🙂


Teaching is going really well, I enjoy it and I’m always so flattered to get good feedback from my students.  I’ve also started teaching online lessons, I’m really enjoying those too!

I do need to make more of an effort to travel around Costa Rica.  Most of this country’s beauty lies outside of the capital!  My last trip was for New Year’s Eve in Manuel Antonio at the beach.  Perhaps I have become too settled in San Jose!

I do love the music here.  Reggaeton is really popular and I love dancing to it.  As much as I’m enjoying it here, I do find myself wondering what I will do next…




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